Join The Riot: Riot Squad Q&A and Event

Evapo #JoinTheRiot with Riot Squad E Liquid

Riot Squad joined us at Evapo over in our High Wycombe store on November 4th for an in-store event.

Riot Squad brought the riot to the store with demonstrations, competitions, sampling, the MiniMen on security, food challenges & much more mayhem throughout the day!

After releasing their new range Ghetto Penguin at the U.K Vaper Expo in Birmingham, Riot Squad were offering samples of their already established brand in bullet bottles alongside the four brand new flavours.

The Ghetto Penguin Short Fill Range


Beaky Blue

A chilled candy crush of blue raspberry with a subtle aftertaste… What’s cooler than being cool? Beaky blue!

Glacier Ninja

A taste sharper than the Antarctic wind: sweet juicy flavours of grape and blackcurrant combine with a sensationally sharp finish.

Harlem Rockhopper

The winter sun never tasted so good! An ice cold punchy lemon and lime soda that’s stronger than you think.

Strawberry Waddlemelon

Frozen strawberries and watermelons smashed together: a cool, refreshing taste of summer as the winter closes in.

Riot Squad even put a cloud competition on to see who could chuck the biggest clouds out!

Members of the Riot Squad, Team Evapo & the general public took part in the cloud comp; Alan one of Evapo High Wycombe’s most loyal customers took everyones breathe away with the sizes of his clouds – well done Alan!

We even had Zac from Riot Squad & Matt Bailey from Evapo take part in Zaco’s Evapo Taco’s; who can eat the most tacos in 5 minutes blind folded!

With help from the minimen security & cheering customers instore, Zac from Riot Squad was able to take 1st place for himself!

We managed to grab Zac aside for a couple of minutes to speak about all things Riot Squad!

Evapo: Hi Zac! Let’s jump straight in! What’s the reason behind those Bullet Bottles?

Zac: We felt it made our juices unique, look more premium & stand out from the rest of the competition; who else do you see offering bullet shaped bottles?

Evapo: Who came up with the flavours Riot Squad order?

Zac: We all put our favourite flavour ideas into a hat and our mixologist made all of the flavours. We all then tried them and gave what we felt could be added or changed and then ended with the final mixes.

We then all voted & narrowed down the options and ended up with the flavours we currently offer: Grapple & Slapcurrent, Iron Bruise, Menthol Molotov, Smashed Apple Pie, Strawberry Scream, Tropical Fury, Cola Cooler, Pink Grenade & Sub-Lime!

Evapo: Why did you choose 70VG / 30PG as a mix?

Zac: 70/30 means you get the best of both worlds – lots of flavour & lots of vapour production; without killing your coils.

Evapo: If you had to pick ONE Riot Squad flavour to Vape for the rest of time, which would it be?

Zac: That’s an easy one! Pink Grenade without a doubt!

Evapo: What’s the Riot Squad Van all about? What can people expect from the Van coming to a store near them?

Zac: The van is primarily used for promotions, visiting stores & helps us stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve never seen the Van then expect Chaos, carnage, music, plooms of clouds and the most banging flavours! We run in-store competitions, demonstrations, giveaways & much more.

We really wanted to give something back to the people that have supported Riot Squad since we first established. The Van means we can promote our brand, offer free samples of our liquids to try & play some awesome music to get the party going!

Evapo: Where can people find Riot Squad online?

Zac: You can find Riot Squad online here:

Riot Squad

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube

Don’t forget to follow my personal Instagram on: @zac_vapez

Evapo: Thanks for coming down and having a chat with us Zac it’s been a pleasure to have you all here today!

Zac: Not a problem! Keep an eye out for the next Riot Squad event near you!

If you require any assistance you can speak with any of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic members of staff in-store: or connect with us on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Keep Vaping & #VapeWithEvapo!

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