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What are Nic Salts?

What Are Nic Salts?

You may have previously heard a bit about ‘Nic Salts’ but not really know what they are, you aren’t alone in that. Nicotine salts, more commonly referred to as nic salts, are very popular in America, but are becoming more prevalent here in UK too.

In this post we will be explaining a bit about what nic salts are and the benefits of vaping them. So, what exactly are nic salts? Nic salt e liquid is produced using a different form of nicotine to the free base form used to make other traditional e liquids.

Nicotine salts are a more authentic form of nicotine, as they take the same form in which nicotine naturally occurs within the tobacco leaf. Both nic salts and free base nicotine are found in cigarettes and rolling tobacco, the free base is added by manufacturers, but there is a higher presence of salts because they are naturally occurring in the tobacco.

The free base nicotine used in most e liquids is alkaline based, which is why at higher strengths it can become quite harsh on the throat. Whereas nicotine salts form in the presence of acids, giving nic salt e liquids their signature smoothness, even at 12/18mg.

What are the Benefits?

Research has shown that nic salts deliver nicotine into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than traditional free base nicotine. This means that when vaping nic salts you will not need to vape as much to satisfy your nicotine craving. Because of this quick delivery, users will also find that they do not need to vape for extended periods, a few inhales will do the job.

In this way it is more similar to smoking, so the user can take a ‘vape break’ as they may have taken a smoking break and will feel satisfied in the same way.

Nic salts also provide a much smoother vape, and can be vaped in high strengths like 18mg without feeling harsh on the throat or compromising the flavour of the liquid.

This is ideal for heavy smokers who are looking to give up but still want a quick nicotine rush. Because of the nature of nic salts, they are great for new vapers as they more closely resemble smoking.

Make Sure To Remember

Because of the fast delivery of nicotine, nic salts are not designed for continuous ‘chain’ vaping and using them in this manner could give an unpleasant nicotine rush. It is also not recommended that high strength nic salts be used in more powerful devices or with sub-ohm tanks, because of the larger amount of vapour being produced.

If the body receives too much nicotine the user can experience headaches and feeling unwell. If you are unsure what strength nic salt you require or have any other questions regarding nic salts, we recommend that you pop in to one of our stores and speak with one of our excellent members of staff, who will be able to advise you further and help you find the right strength for you!

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