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Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

As vaping becomes more and more popular you may find that the topic of vaping etiquette is becoming more pressing. Although smokers have strict laws that dictate where they are allowed to smoke, with vaping it is often a matter of the ‘managers discretion’.

It is still so important to remember that although vaping is becoming much more common there will still be many people who will not want to be near you while you are vaping and there will be parents that may not want their children to see it, in the same way that many people react to smoking.

This little guide to vaping etiquette will give you some ideas of acceptable places to vape!

Vaping in Public

The most important thing to consider when out in public is your location; if you are in a crowded elevator or a packed children’s playground the chances are no one will appreciate you whipping out your e cig and blowing some thick clouds.

For the most part, if you are indoors it is best to just assume that you should go outside to vape, although most indoor shopping centres etc. have notices to show that they do not permit the use of ecigarettes inside on the premises.

At outdoor attractions such as zoos there are usually designated vaping/smoking areas throughout the grounds and they will request that you don’t vape outside of these areas.

If you are unsure whether you are allowed to vape or where you should go to do so, it is always a good idea to check with a member of staff!

Taxi Cabs and Public Transport

Depending on the taxi cab company it will either be the decision of management or it will be down to the individual drivers to make the decision, often depending on who owns the car.

Again, most of the time there will be a sign that will specify whether vaping is allowed, but checking with the driver is always best, especially in the absence of a sign.

However, all public transport understandably has a strict no vaping policy in the interest of those non-vapers also using the services and as it is also a fairly confined space.

Travelling Abroad

When travelling abroad we highly recommend doing a quick internet search to confirm you will be complying with the laws in the country you will be visiting.

The UK has a fair few laws to regulate e cigarettes and e liquids, but these laws can vary massively from country to country. The last thing you want when travelling is to upset the locals or find yourself inadvertently breaking the law.

Similarly, we recommend giving your chosen airport a call or consulting their website to confirm their preferences for carrying e cigarettes and e liquids. A general rule of thumb is that it all needs to be taken on in your hand luggage and liquids need to be kept in clear bottles of no more than the standard 100ml.

If in doubt you will usually find that following the laws set out for smokers will ensure you will not find yourself in trouble or upsetting anyone. For the most part it is a case of using your common sense, but it is also important to remember that many people are still relatively uninformed about vaping and consider it to be a form of smoking.

As vaping becomes more mainstream and more studies are showing positive health benefits and minimal risks we can hope that vaping will become differentiated completely from smoking and we can shake some of the negative preconceptions that can be attached.

For now, educating people and respecting other people when we are vaping in a space that is not our own is the best way to help build the positive reputation of e cigarettes and their uses in the fight against smoking.

Make sure to keep vaping and #VapeWithEvapo!