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Vype ePod pod kit

Vype ePod device


The Vype ePod device is here. This round-edged vape operates quietly for a discreet draw with puff activation for up to 275 puffs per cartridge.

The device is easy to set up and start using, simply open it up and slide a cartridge into place – it will connect itself and stay put automatically. Then simply close the pod and draw on the device itself. There’s no messing about with dripping liquids or filling tanks, just snap in and go.

  • Quiet and smooth - the ePod has a smooth design that delivers a quiet and flavourful vaping experience.
  • Minimalist design - with a soft round-edged design and matte graphite finish, the Vype ePod was designed with simplicity in mind.
  • 350 mAh built-in battery - designed to last all day based on average use.
  • Leak-free ePods - click securely in place with magnetic points.
Kit contains
  • Vype ePod device
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

Pods sold separately.