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Mylo Vape Stick + 7 pod pack

Mylo Stick bundle with 7 pods


1 x Mylo Vape Stick
2 x Mylo Vape pods 3 pack

The Mylo Vape Stick (with pre-installed pod) plus two pack of three replacement pods. That's seven pods in total!

Mylo is an easy to use vaping pod system, ideal for first time and convenience vapers.

  • No refilling - just replace the pre-filled pod (keeping the existing mouthpiece)
  • Nicotine salts-based e liquid inside the pods which delivers nicotine rapidly and effectively
  • No charge lead required - just recharge directly from any USB port
  • No need to press a button - simply inhale to vape
  • At under 12 cm in height the Mylo Stick is convenient and super-compact
  • Fully supported by a one year warranty from the manufacturer

Bundle includes

  • Mylo Vape Stick including a Mylo pod (18 mg/ml nicotine), reusable mouthpiece and USB cover
  • Two additional packs of three replacement pods
  • User guide

Mylo pre-filled flavour pods are not refillable. Refillable pods are available separately.