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HellVape VP RDA

HellVape VP RDA


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Designed by VaperSTUFF Indonesia. Made by HellVape.

  • 24 mm diameter dripper atomizer with black 810 PEI drip tips
  • Triangle post design with slope post holes making easy-to-build and accelerating flavour production
  • Fully 24K gold-plated post, bottom feeder pin & deck
  • Adjustable top cap made from black PEI for a warm vape experience and heat resistance
  • Dome system make clean and dense flavour

Kit includes

  • HellVape VP RDA
  • Gold squonk pin
  • 510 adaptor
  • 2 x gold flat screws
  • O rings
  • L screwdriver

CAUTION: For advanced users only. Use at your own risk. Do not use without complete knowledge of how mods function. FIND OUT MORE


These types of device are for use by advanced users with full experience of how mods operate. This includes a complete understanding of Ohm’s law, battery capabilities and the operation of RDAs and RDTAs.

They are potentially dangerous if used incorrectly and improper use could cause battery venting (where the battery becomes too hot and releases dangerous gas), fire or even an explosion.

  • Never use mechanical mods with standard sub ohm tanks
  • Never carry batteries around loose as other metal items such as coins or keys could create a short circuit.
  • Never try to disassemble or alter a battery
  • Never use damaged batteries or chargers
  • Always use mod batteries with compatible products as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Always dismantle your mod between vaping sessions, removing the battery
  • Always store batteries safely in a non-conductive case
  • Always charge on a safe, fireproof surface and never leave unattended
  • Always use a compatible charger
  • Always use batteries purchased from a trusted, reputable source

If you are in any doubt do not purchase these products but feel free to contact our team in store for advice.

Use entirely at your own risk. Evapo (Vapeshifters Limited) accept no responsibility for harm to individuals or damage to property caused by the improper use of vaping devices.

By purchasing these vaping devices from us you are agreeing to assume all liability associated with their use.

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