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Your order has been cancelled

Your order has been cancelled. Your credit or debit card has not been charged. We have cleared your basket - if you would still like to purchase from us please create a new order.

Possible reasons for the order cancellation are:

  • The transaction was cancelled by the customer
  • The payment gateway was closed before completing the payment
  • The transaction was declined by your bank
  • Too many payment attempts were made
  • The customer took to long to submit payment information
  • There are insufficient funds available in your account
  • The card is invalid, has expired or is not a supported card type. Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are supported
  • Incorrect payment information was provided including customer information, number or CVV code
  • The attempt was rejected due to failing fraud, risk or reported lost & stolen card checks
  • The payment attempt failed 3D secure verification checks