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how to quite smoking

An estimated 852 million people worldwide smoke or use tobacco products, making billions of dollars in profits for the tobacco industry. A Gallup study found that roughly 74% of all smokers want to quit, but that over 60% felt they would struggle to go for just one day without a cigarette. Smokers can experience many difficulties when trying to give up, but we have had people going from 40 cigarettes a day to zero in only three weeks.

All it takes is commitment and a plan. If you are one of the many who dream of giving up, consider our 3-step guide.

1. Stop smoking with the START formula.

Use these common-sense techniques to help you quit:

Set a specific date.

Tell friends and family about your plans to quit

Anticipate obstacles that you will face,

Remove the temptations by getting rid of cigarettes from your surroundings.

Talk to your doctor and reach out for assistance.

With these 5 steps, you’ll no longer have to feel guilty about harming yourself or disturbing others.You can feel proud that you are taking power back from tobacco and choosing a new life.

2. Recognize the situations that cause cravings.

Identifying what causes your craving for cigarettes will help you get beneath the surface and learn how to handle those stressful situations without smoking.

3. Buy an e-cigarette.

"E-cigarettes can substantially decrease cigarette consumption without causing significant side effects in smokers" (BioMed Central).E-cigarettes deliver nicotine to the body without the addition of tobacco and many other harmful chemicals. The process is known as vaping, and works by heating a liquid nicotine solution which turns to vapor and is inhaled by the user. The benefits of e-smoking include both a huge reduction in the quantity of harmful chemicals inhaled and the odor-free vapour, which eliminates the antisocial elements of cigarette smoke. So make sure you have an e-cigarette ready for all the situations you identified in Step 2.

The key to living a smoke-free life is commitment. These techniques will set you on the path to freedom.

If you want to start your journey to zero cigarettes, contact us at 0cigarettes@evapo.co.uk. We are always excited when we can help people along the way and share their journey to inspire others.

Disclaimer: We are legally required to state that e-cigarettes do not serve as a nicotine replacement therapy. They are not a product designed to help you quit smoking, but a safer alternative to smoking that many people choose. We make no claims to the contrary.