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Vaping Glossary

  • 1st generation – e-Cigs that look like cigarettes.
  • 14500/14650/18350/18500/18650 – batteries sizes for 3rd generation mods where the first two digits indicate the diameter and the last three digits indicate the height, in mm.
  • 2nd generation – devices like eGo batteries and Evods.
  • 3rd generation – large battery devices and atomisers.
  • 510 – refers to the threading between the atomiser and the battery/mod.


  • AAEC – AAEC is a UK online forum.
  • All day vape – people will refer to their favourite liquids as ADVs, the ones they will happily vape all day.
  • Analogue – the tobacco cigarette.
  • ASH UK – an anti-smoking organisation that fully supports vaping and conducts annual research that supports this stance.
  • Atomiser/atty – the part the juice is stored in and has an element that heats the liquid.


  • Clives Bates – leading pro-vaping campaigner.
  • Battery – a rechargeable lithium ion battery.


  • Cartridge – a plastic tube-like piece that is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds the juice.
  • Cartomiser /carto – a cartridge that houses an atomiser.
  • Charger – a battery charger. *Never leave it unattended and make sure it is being used correctly.


  • Drip Tip – replaceable mouthpiece fro the atty.
  • Dripping/Dripper – basic atty where the liquid is dripped directly onto the wick and gives a more intense flavour.


  • ECITA – the organisation for UK manufacturers and vendors.
  • ECCA – the organisation for UK consumers.
  • eGo - a style of electronic cigarette that utilizes the 510 threads and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery.
  • Electronic Cigarette/e-Cig – the name traditionally given to personal vaping devices.
  • e-Liquid/e-Juice/juice/liquid – the flavoured liquid that is vaporised.


  • Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos – one of the world’s foremost researchers into e-Cigs.
  • FDA - abbreviation for the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • Filler /filler material - material placed inside of a Cartridge that is absorbent.


  • Professor Glantz – the leading anti-vaping campaigner, funded by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Genisis – often misspelt as genesis, has a tank and wicks usually made from stainless mesh or rope. Used by more advanced vapers as it is difficult to master but provides a better quality of vape.


  • Jeremy Mean – the Group Manager of Vigilance and Risk Management for the MRHA
  • Milliamp hours/mAh – the measure of how long a battery will last in use.
  • Milligrams/mg – the amount of nicotine found in a juice.
  • Millilitres/mL – the amount of liquid in a container.
  • Mod – generally refers to 3rd Gen large battery tubes.
  • MRHA – the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency who rely on people paying for licences and advocated that all vaping devices were classified as medicines – thereby requiring licences.


  • Ohm - a measure of electrical resistance.
  • Ohm’s Law – V=I.R is the equation allowing people to calculate how much current is flowing through the coil as different batteries can handle different amounts.


  • Passthrough – a device that can plug directly into the USB port of a computer or charger and allows the user to vape without having to worry about battery life.
  • Personal vaporiser/PV – alternative to “e-Cigs”
  • PG – Propylene Glycol.
  • POTV – Planet of the Vapes is a UK online forum for vapers


  • RBA – rebuildable atomiser
  • RDA – rebuildable dripping atomiser
  • RTA – rebuildable tank atomiser


  • Saturday shenanigans - is a UK-based vaping channel.
  • Starter Kit – a kit that includes basic e-cigarette equipment.
  • Sub-ohm – a coil that has a resistance of less than 1Ω. Something you should only do after research and with a good understanding of Ohms Law.


  • Throat hit - the feeling at the back of the throat when vaping.
  • TPD – the Tobacco Products Directive.


  • UKV – UK Vapers is a UK online forum for vapers.


  • The Vapers Shed – a UK online forum for vapers.
  • Variable voltage/wattage (VV/VW) – a mod that allows the user to adjust the voltage or power supplied to the coil.
  • VG– vegetable glycerol.
  • Venting – when batteries go bad! It can result in a battery releasing noxious gases or exploding.
  • VTTV – Vapourtrails TV is a UK-based vaping channel


  • Professor Robert West - professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies and a leading campaigner for vaping.
  • WHO – The World Health Organisation