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Ohm Brew sensation x flavour concentrate 12ml

Ohm Brew sensation x flavour concentrate 12ml


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Flavour concentrate for DIY mixing. Prefilled with 12 ml of flavouring in an easy-to-mix 60 ml capacity short fill bottle.

A blast of refreshing, cool menthol. Chill out!

Fill the remaining 48 ml space in the bottle with your chosen combination of nic shots and/or VG/PG base/diluent (sold separately) to mix 60 ml of your own e-liquid. For example, add 48 ml of base to fill to create 60 ml of zero nicotine e-liquid.

Alternatively replace some of the base with nic shots to increased the nicotine content. For each nic shot added in an 18 mg/ml strength the final strength increases by 3 mg/ml up to a maximum 12 mg/ml (4 x 10 ml nic shots and 8 ml of base).

Shake well to ensure the flavour concentrate, nic shots and base are mixed thoroughly.

Flavour concentrates are an ingredient and cannot be vaped unless mixed with a suitable base/diluent.