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VOOPOO are always working to push the boundaries in vaping, they are at the forefront of vaping innovation, with their gene chip technology making for some of the most intuitive hardware available.

Their best selling UFORCE tank is extremely versatile, with three different coil options available. Often, when there are multiple coil options available for a tank this is to allow users to choose a coil that works best within their preferred wattage range.

Some mods have a set wattage output, in this case you should choose a coil that is suited to the set wattage output of the device. Other devices have variable wattage, meaning the user can choose between different wattage options or even adjust the wattage output by number to the exact output that suits their preferences. In this instance, once you have found your ‘sweet spot’, the wattage setting that works best and feels most comfortable to you, you can choose a coil that is rated to run at this wattage.

Coils will all have an optimal wattage range that is recommended by the manufacturer, determined by the resistance of the coil and the coil design. This range is a suggestion, but it is important to bear in mind that within this range is where a coil will perform at its best. If you run a coil at too low of a wattage, you may find you may find you get little vapor production and poor flavour pay off, and it can even result in spit back and leaking. On the other hand, if you run a coil at too high of a wattage, this can cause the coil to burn out prematurely, reducing the longevity of a coil substantially.

The UFORCE VOOPOO coils offer two different wattage ranges; the U2 coil can be run between 40 – 80 watts, working best between 55 – 65 watts, this would be the preferable option for those who prefer a lower wattage vape. Whereas, the N1 coil is recommended for use between 50 – 100 watts, working best between 70 – 80 watts, ideal for those who like to run their mod at a higher wattage.

They have also now introduced the N2 coil, rated for use between 45 – 80 watts, and featuring a mesh coil. Mesh coils are typically longer lasting than wire coils, as the surface area in contact with the cotton is larger, making for better heat distribution. This also allows the coil to heat up faster, and vaporise more e liquid at once for a bigger cloud production.

If you are currently using a VOOPOO tank and are unsure which coil you should choose, pop in to one of our 35+ Evapo stores and speak to a member of our team. You can also purchase through our online vape store, we ship VOOPOO vape coils UK wide, with affordable shipping costs and flexible delivery options.

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