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When and How to Change a Coil

When and How to Change a Coil

The coil in your tank is arguably the most integral part of your e cigarette, if it is not properly primed, or changed regularly, it can make even the smoothest and tastiest e liquid taste harsh and horrible. Following the Top 5 Tips for Vaping post in which we mentioned the importance of changing your coil regularly, we wanted to expand upon the topic. In this post we will be discussing when and how to change your coil.

What Is A Coil and How Does It Work?

What we are calling the coil, is known by various other names. These include atomiser, atty or fuse.

The coil contains one or more metal wire coils surrounded by cotton. The cotton absorbs your e liquid and allows it contact to the metal coil. This coil then heats up when the fire button is held and vaporises the e liquid. Because the cotton is constantly saturated it will not immediately burn, however, in time it will. At which point the coil will require changing.

Changing and Priming Your Coil

It should be fairly easy to tell when your coil needs changing, it will change the taste, making it taste bitter or burnt. The life of your coil depends upon many things, such as what device you are using, how much you use it, and what juice you are using.

When you can tell your coil is on its way out it is best to change it as soon as you are able. When changing your coil, it is best to consult your user manual to confirm how to correctly change it.

To prolong the life of your coil and kick start the juice absorption it is our recommendation to prime the coil; this simply means putting a few drops of juice onto all the exposed cotton until it stops absorbing it quickly.

Once you have reassembled and filled your tank we recommend that you let it sit for 5 – 15 minutes to ensure the cotton is fully saturated before use. If a coil is not properly primed or left to sit before it is fired, it could decrease the life of your coil or even mean it burns out straight away.

Variable Wattage Devices

If you are using a variable wattage device or the tank and mod that you are using did not come together as part of a kit, it is important to remember that each coil comes with a recommended wattage range. If run at too high or even too low watts, it could impair the coils performance. To learn more about this read Why Move to Variable Wattage? 

If you are unsure about how to change your coil or would like more information about anything discussed in this post, pop in to your local Evapo vape store and talk to one of our experts. For more vaping news, information, and reviews check out or other blog posts.

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