Young People Vaping Remains Low

Vaping in the News: Young People Vaping Remains Low in Britain

PHE (Public Health England) have recently published research commissioned from Kings College London regarding the vaping habits of young people, aged 11-18 years.

The results show some increase over the past five years, which correlates with the increased popularity of vaping as a stop smoking aid.

The Results

The study has found that 15% of young people, based on a poll of 2000 youths, have tried an e-cigarette, which is up from 8% in 2014. However, the vast majority of these young people did not continue to vape and do not consider themselves a regular user, with data showing that regular e-cigarette use among never-smokers is only 0.2% in Britain.

This is extremely promising as it demonstrates that Britain is not heading in the same direction as America, where 1 in 6 young people are classified as regular vapers.

It has been found that, although there has been a rise in young people experimenting with e-cigarettes, only 1 in 500 of these young people who have never smoked report using an e-cigarette once a week or more.

A need to stay vigilant has been expressed, although some experimentation is to be expected with most age restricted items, it is important that the number of those moving from trying an e-cigarette to regular use remains low.

Here at Evapo Vape Shops we strive to help keep these numbers low by operating a strict ‘Think 25’ policy, where all our team members will request ID from any person they consider to look 25 or under. If appropriate ID cannot be shown the sale will be refused and the customer will be asked to leave the store.

In this way we are minimising the sale of products to underage people. We also refuse the sale of products if there is any evidence that the items may be intended for a person who is underage, this includes proxy sales.

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