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Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub Ohm Vaping

When in your local vape shop or speaking with other vapers you may have heard the phrase sub-ohming and be wondering what it is and if it is right for you. In this post we hope to answer any questions you may have about sub-ohming and help you make an informed decision on whether to give it a try.

What Is Sub-Ohming?

When you hold down the fire button on your e cigarette you send an electrical current through your coil. When this current gets to the coil it meets resistance, and if this resistance measures at less than 1 ohm (Ω) then this is classed as sub-ohm vaping. An atomiser built for sub-ohming will often be bigger than a higher ohm atomiser, as this allows for more cotton to be in contact with the coil, and more e liquid to be vaporised. In some cases, such as the Smok V8 Baby T8 atomiser which reads at 0.15 Ω and is best run between 60 – 80 watts, there are multiple internal metal coils within the atomiser, allowing the coil to be run at a higher wattage.

Why Move Onto Sub Ohming?

For some people vaping quickly goes from being a stop smoking aid to being a hobby. For these people the main appeal of sub-ohm vaping is more flavour and bigger clouds, many of the hobbyist vapers will tell you that they are chasing bigger and bigger clouds. It also produces a warmer vape, which some people prefer over the cooler vape of a higher ohm device.

Changes You Will Need to Make

Should you choose to begin sub-ohming there will be some things that you will first need to take into account.

Firstly, sub-ohm vaping could require a different inhalation technique than what you are used to. Most starter kits require a mouth to lung (MTL) pull, whereas most sub-ohm devices are better used with a direct to lung (DTL) pull.

Another consideration is that you may require a lower strength nicotine when sub-ohming. Due to the increased amount of vapour production the nicotine feels much harsher in a sub-ohm tank.

It is not unusual to find you go through e liquid much quicker once you start sub-ohming. Unfortunately, more vapour production equals more e liquid vaporised. A popular way to combat this issue is to move from using the single 10ml bottles that are popular with newer vapers, to bigger shortfill bottles. To learn more about shortfill bottles, check out our post E Liquids Explained: Shortfill / 50:10.

E Liquid Tips

Finally, most people prefer a high VG e liquid in order to minimise the throat hit, that could be too harsh with a high PG e liquid. Another reason that high VG liquid is favoured by sub-ohmers is that it produces bigger clouds, further adding to the plumes a sub-ohm tank can produce. For more information about high VG e liquids, have a look at our post What’s Inside My E Liquid?

If sub-ohm vaping is of interest to you then check out our website or pop in to your local Evapo store to find your perfect device or tank.

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