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Stop For Good Not Just October

Keep Your October Momentum Going!

Lots of people choose October to give up smoking, but why just do October? If you have managed a whole month, even if you had a slip up here and there, why not keep that momentum going and give up for good!

Why Give Up?

Cravings can take you by surprise, and when a craving hits it can be hard to see past it to the bigger picture.

At these times especially, it is important to remember that there are countless reasons why you should not smoke, and no reasons why you should!

Your body starts to takes steps towards healing itself within 20 minutes of your last cigarette and within a day the carbon monoxide levels in your blood will return to normal.

If you have managed to say smoke free for October, your risk of a heart attack has already begun to drop and you may be able to feel a difference in your breathing already.

As your body continues to heal and repair, your risk of contracting heart disease and the various cancers associated with smoking will drop, not to mention that you will feel better within yourself.

Not only this, but you are taking steps towards a longer and healthier life to enjoy with your friends and family.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Smoke Free

  1. For many people the act of smoking is as hard to give up as the cigarettes themselves, so keeping your hands busy or having a replacement can be a big help. E-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to smoking which can be tailored to you and help you ease yourself off nicotine at your own pace.


  1. There are stop smoking clinics all over the country, and your GP will be able to give you advice, support and recommendations to suit you. There are also lots of online services to help you keep on track.


  1. It has been found that certain foods can make cigarettes taste less pleasant, such as cheese and fruit. So next time you feel a craving for a cigarette, why not try replacing this with a slice of cheese, a tangerine or a small glass of fruit juice?


  1. While you may be trying hard to quit your habit, others may not yet be ready. Your friends and family should be supportive of your decision, so if they are still smokers it is not unreasonable for you to ask them not to smoke near you. Making friends with non-smokers can be a big help, but surrounding yourself with supportive people will really help to boost your success.


  1. Keep a positive outlook, and remember why you are giving up. Whether you write a list of reasons you are giving up and read it every time you start to struggle, keep a photo of a loved one who you are making the switch for to look at for support, or start a new hobby to distract yourself and fill your time, if it works for you, it works!


Your journey may be smooth sailing, or it may have the odd set back, but it is an important journey to take. If you would like some help with giving up smoking, head over to the NHS smokefree website, find your local stop smoking clinic, or pop in to your local Evapo store and speak to a member of staff.