Comparing Prefilled Pod Vape Kits

Comparing Prefilled Pod Vape Kits

Prefilled pod systems have become a popular choice for new vapers, with their discreet, compact design and cigarette alike airflow making them the perfect first device to stop for good and switch to vaping. They are also enjoyed by advanced vapers as a way to get an extra nicotine kick or as a stealthy device for use when a sub-ohm tank isn’t appropriate.

Here at Evapo we have seen a wave of new prefilled pod systems hitting our shelves, so we wanted to put together a little comparison post to help you decide which one is the perfect device for you!


DesignThe Mylo Vape Stick has a simple but sleek black design with a stylish rubberised finish. The unassuming design is not immediately recognisable as an e-cigarette, which adds to the discreet nature of the device.

The placement of the indicator light, on the front of the device, makes for easy visibility and lets the user know when the device is firing, when there is 25% or less remaining battery life, and when it is finished charging. The no-frills design was a hit with us, earning a 3/5.

Battery – We were super impressed with the battery life and charging capabilities of the Mylo! Even though the Mylo is not the biggest device, we found that 400mAh battery it contains was the most long lasting of the four devices and delivers consistently full and satisfying pull.

Once the battery needs recharging it really couldn’t be easier, simply remove the end cap and plug the device directly in to a USB port to charge. For battery life and charging capabilities we awarded the Mylo a fantastic 4.5/5.

Pods – Each Mylo pod contains 1.8mls of 18mg nic salt e-liquids. The Mylo offers a wide flavour range and contained some of our favourite flavours from the range of devices we tested. Changing the pods is really easy, however you do need to remember to retain the mouthpiece as this needs to be reused. Because of the high e-liquid content, more than double that of JUUL and the cost savings that will bring the pods the Mylo has achieved a 4.5/5.

The Mylo is a remarkable little device and a great all-rounder! The battery life had us really impressed and the flavour range available is comprehensive and delicious! Overall the Mylo has been awarded 12/15.

Check out our blog post ‘Introducing the Mylo Vape Stick’ to read more about Mylo.


Design – If you are looking for a device which is compact and discreet then look no further than the JUUL. The stylish yet simple device looks somewhat akin to a memory stick rather than a vape device, making it ideal for those vapers who would prefer to keep their vape subtle and inconspicuous. For its tiny size and unassuming design, we have scored the JUUL 4/5.

Battery – Unsurprisingly for its tiny size, the JUUL does not have the most long-lasting battery life of the bunch. Light users may find that a charge will last them the whole day, however, heavier users may need to charge the device during the day.

But what it lacks in battery power, it makes up for in simplicity, as the charging plug is a magnetic dock which plugs directly into a USB port, the holds the device in place magnetically to ensure a full charge can be achieved, and in under an hour! For battery life and charging capabilities the JUUL has earned a 3/5.

Pods – One of the reasons the JUUL has been so wildly popular in the US is the effectiveness of the device as a stop smoking aid.

Each JUUL pod contains a 20mg nic salt e-liquid, the maximum nicotine strength allowed in the UK, that will quickly nip those nicotine cravings in the bud with a smooth and satisfying vapour.

The nic salts mean that the high strength nicotine remains smooth and not harsh on the throat, while delivering the nicotine into the blood stream quickly and efficiently.

For these phenomenal little pods, we have awarded the JUUL a 4.5/5!

This adds up to a fantastic 11.5/15 for the JUUL. It is not hard to see how the JUUL became such a popular device in the US, with its sleek design and satisfying nicotine delivery it is ideal for first time vapers as a stop smoking aid.

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Design – The MyBlu has a simple, no frills design that works perfectly for the simple and user-friendly nature of the device. It features an indicator light to let the user know when the device is firing and give an indication of the remaining battery power, however it is located at the base of the product which can make it difficult to see.

The pods click in easily and fit perfectly, with a curved cut out that clearly shows which way to correctly insert the pod. For this basic but efficient design we have scored the MyBlu a 2.5/5.

Battery – The device has a great battery life considering its size, and a full charge takes just 20 minutes! This makes its use super convenient as the device can easily be charged on the go via USB, without leaving the user without a vape for hours. For battery life the MyBlu has scored a fantastic 4/5!

Pods – The MyBlu pods contain 1.5ml of e-liquid in a small range of flavours. There is a good mix of favours and the pods are easy to change and comfortable to use. For this they have been  scored a 3/5.

Overall, we have scored the MyBlu a respectable 9/15, the battery life makes this device perfect for those people with a busy lifestyle, who may not always have time to wait around for hours while their device is on charge.

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Vype ePen 3

DesignThe Vype ePen 3 is the only one of the four devices we are comparing that currently offers different colour options, giving the user a small amount of personalisation and making the device look a little more interesting.

This device is also the biggest of the four, however it still remains sleek and stylish and is in no way bulky or overly attention grabbing.

We really enjoyed the ergonomic design and attractive choice of colours, which have earned the ePen 3 a 4/5 for design!

Battery – Dependant on the amount of use, the battery on the Vype ePen 3 should last the user all day, and the 6w consistent output, regardless of remaining battery power, is nothing to be sniffed at!

Unfortunately, the ePen is the slowest charging of the devices we are comparing, at approximately 1.5 – 2 hours for a full charge. For this Vype has received a 2.5/5 for battery.

Pods – Unlike all the other prefilled pod systems we are comparing, the ePen 3 contains a free-base nicotine e-liquid, as opposed to a nic salt e-liquid. This can be a positive, or a negative, depending on the user’s preference. The pods have an 18mg nicotine content, so if you are looking for a device that is as smooth as possible this may not be for you.

However, if you are looking for a device that will provide a bit more of a throat hit this could be ideal. Not only are the ePen 3 pods available in 7 different flavours, but each flavour has a different corresponding coloured base, making it easy to distinguish between flavours.

These impressive pods have earned a well-deserved 4/5.

Across the board the Vype ePen 3 has brought something different to all of the other devices we are comparing, which is great for helping give customers variety and helps us to ensure there is a device to suit all different types of vapers. For this the ePen 3 has scored an overall 10.5/15.

To read more about Vype, give our ‘Presenting Vype’ blog post a read.

At the end of the day mylo Stick has narrowly pipped JUUL to the top spot, largely because of the savings you will achieve due to the high amount of e-liquid in each pod. The JUUL has come out as a close second with a brilliant 11.5/15! However, it was a close call, and all of the devices we compared had aspects that made them different from the rest.

These are all excellent starter kits, so if you think any of the devices we have discussed in this post could be the right device for you, head in to one of our 30+ stores or shop the full range on our website.

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